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January 13, 2017

Look for standard dollhouse size furniture, it is also called 1 to 1, 1:12, 1/12th. Sizes and weight listed below are for our Smart Doll girls. Fantasy Adventures clothing will fit these dolls perfectly and will not fit the American Girl® dolls. 6/01/2011 Body Size Comparison of Tonner Dolls Dec 18, 2016 - Five tips & tricks to help with your small doll sewing! Doll size comparison chart. 8 Inch (20cm) Vogue Ginny Doll. The size of the eye opening is the measurement you need. Introduced in 1964 by Hasbro with the first G.I. Size Code. The image to the right shows you how to take these measurements for your doll. Also known as: Playscale; fashion doll scale About: A six inch item in real life is represented as one inch as a dollhouse miniature. The other dimensions for American Girl dolls include the following. A regular Blythe Doll head is 10.5 inches in circumference. A page allowing the comparison of up to six figures is now available. Fashion Doll & BJD Sizes - DollForce.com. Doll Sizing Chart. Dolls and 21 inch Karito Kids Dolls specifically. Shirley Temple 12 Inch Doll Measurements. Barbie 12 Inch Doll . People are always asking the various knitting email lists for knitting patterns for dolls so I thought it would be a good idea to put up a list of measurements for different types. The head size is the same as the Nendoroid series, the body of the doll is around 10cm in height making the overall size slightly larger than standard Nendoroids. If you have any doll not listed on this chart and would like to send me the measurements I will add them to the chart. Her…. 18-inch Soft Body American Girl® Dolls (doll on right) similar size with Madame Alexander Dolls and Gotz – have a 10.5″ to 11″ waist line. Size: Approx 60cm tall / 11cm wide at shoulders; Size when knees bent: Approx 41cm tall / 25cm from toe to knee (you need this info to figure out what bag to buy) Weight: Approx 650gms with wig; Category: Fashion Doll Phicen TBLeague produce a wide range of seamless body action figures. These dolls (male most of the time) are around 70-75 cm. We also offer doll clothes patterns for 18 inch BFC, Ink. News, reviews and photographs of Modern Fashion Dolls including Kingdom Doll, Fashion Royalty, Sybarite, Tonner Doll, Gene Marshall, Barbie and my own experiences as a doll collector. There are also some dolls that are of a less common size, like the Chibi Unoa. 16 Inch (40cm) Medium Baby Dolls 16c. Shoes sizes are about 3″ long and 1.25″ wide. In addition, many BJD manufacturers have small or large bust options for the female dolls, allowing you to customize your doll from a child figure to a more womanly shape. SIZE 38mm/20mm (1.49 inch) "meadow doll nicco-lina" & "belle's little tot" 730 Sporty Shoe 733 Girl Dress Shoe 747 Kitty T-Strap Shoe 755 Low Cut Sneakers 756 Elegant Mary Jane 761 Fancy Slip-On's 792 Baby Heart Cut Out Shoe 796 Lace Up Boots 798 Modern T-Strap Shoe. The 1:16 dolls house scale is sometimes called the 3/4 scale. You need furniture that is half the size of Barbie stuff, but bigger than Playmobil. With so many on offer, it's hard to figure out all the differences. Ball jointed dolls comes in various sizes and scales, usually described by acronyms. 15 Inch (37.5cm) Madeline Cloth Doll. The top of Blythe’s head is a 1/2 inch from the seam of the hairline to the crown of her head. That sounds like 1:12 scale dolls. Note that this is an XHTML+SVG page. So here's a handy post giving a full comparison chart on both the female and male figures currently available: Phicen TBLeague 1/6 Scale Female Bodies Phicen TBLeague's 1/6 scale action figure bodies come in a range of skin tones, bust sizes and … We offer doll clothes patterns for 18 inch dolls like American Girl Dolls, Madame Alexander Dolls, Journey Girls Dolls,Our Generation Dolls, and Springfield Dolls. After you've used the Character Database to find out the body type and skin tone of your doll, you can click on the "Skin Tone Database" link above to find other dolls with that skin tone. Answer: The size of the doll and the head is not what needs to be measured. 18-21 inch Doll Body Measurements. These dolls appear as adults. You can find Neo Blythe Doll’s measurements here. The two most popular scales for dollhouse miniatures are 1" scale (or 1/12 scale) and 1/2" scale (or 1/24" scale). 16c. Size Charts For Dolls: Barbie, AG, Magic Attic, Bitty Baby. chart of dolly shoe sizes This chart provides a list of dolls that we are somewhat familiar with. How to Sew Cloth Dolls and Costumes plus Traceable Patterns Book by Susan Kramer . If you cannot see your doll listed here or on my Match your doll type page, please check your doll's measurements against the measurements below, then go shopping under the doll type that is closest to your measurements. However, there can be variations in certain brands: the vintage Chatty Cathy wears two different sizes that we know of. Sponsored Links. Playscale is not something you are going to see a great deal of, it's rather scarce by comparison to the other scales. Just a quick size comparison of one of our new Wellie Wisher dolls with the 2016 Girl of the Year Lea!! Most common sizes [edit | edit source] Acronym Stands for Scale Size SD Super Dollfie 1:3 50 cm - 70 cm MSD Mini Super Dollfie 1:4 35 cm - 50 cm YoSD Young Super Dollfie 1:6 20 cm - 35 cm Lati Lati Yellow 1:8 14 cm - 20 cm Tiny. The Chibi Unoa dolls can have a more mature body appearance and are 35 cm tall. iCreate for Dolls - A creative community for those who sew, build, design & craft for dolls. These dolls range from 9.5 cm – 35 cm (3.75” – 14”) in height. While small, the fabric outfits have still been intricately detailed. Some artisan miniatures are produced in this scale, mainly in modern styles. Blythe Doll’s head from the chin to the top measures about 4 inches. Specializing in handcrafted keepsake doll apparel for the special dolls in your life. The largest dollhouse scale; not often seen in common dollhouse miniatures. Please know I've done my best to be as accurate as possible, but there may be some problems. This allows artists to copy reference codes for later use, rather than having to reënter the values every time. To ensure the highest quality, Rosie specializes in doll clothes patterns for 18 inch doll such as the American Girl dolls and 18 1/2 inch Cabbage Patch dolls. And for those of you who like tech specs - we've got loads for you. Please measure your doll or teddy's foot length (heel to toe) and width (across the widest part) then match them to the closest size in the chart below. SIZE 37mm/17mm (1.45 inch) bleuette-global 751 Ribbon French Shoe. Size comparisons - American Girl, Bitty Baby, Barbie, Ken, Magic Attic, 11, 14, 16, and slim 18 Inch Doll Measurement Chart | See how they compare, will these patterns work for other dolls you might have? I bet you’re super excited to find out how they compare to other dolls, so I’m fighting with the new computer to bring you this post. Click on the links below to find a charts with 41 Different Doll Measurements and size comparison charts. Get Size Code Apply Size Code. In this scale, 1 inch is equivalent to 6 inches in full size. If you measure the ceiling in your house and it’s 10ft, it would be 10in in the dolls house. Measurements are in cm and are approximate and the obitsu ones were largely nabbed from Parabox's site (www.parabox.jp/eng/obitsu/27size_chart.html). Shirley Temple 12 Inch Doll. Chest under the armpits and across shoulders: 11 and 1/2 inches; Waist: 11 inches; Hips at their fullest width: 12 and 7/16 inches; Neck to waist: 4 and 3/16 inches; Inside leg from crotch to sole: 6 and 11/16 inches; Arm and shoulder from neck to wrist: 6 and 7/8 inches Hopefully when I get my Jake doll I'll be able to add his stats too :) Small business web hosting offering additional business services such as: domain name registrations, email accounts, web services, FrontPage help, online community resources and various small business solutions. Chances are they're pretty close! A standard 7 1/2-foot-tall door would measure 15 inches (38 centimeters), while an adult male doll would be 12 inches (30.5 centimeters) tall. Silicone Full Body Baby Haul - Micro Preemie Baby Clothes HTF - Life Like Silicone Baby Doll - Duration: 8:13. nlovewithreborns2011 44,083 views to experience pearltrees activate javascript. Fisher Price dollhouse furniture is the correct size. Most Barbie, Ken, and other popular kids' dolls are 1:6 dollhouse scale. If your doll isn’t one of our standard sizes, please check your doll size before shopping for my doll clothes patterns – I wouldn’t want you to make clothes up for your dolly that don’t fit. The 27cm female body is the old style with the hard bust, the 25cm one is a soft medium bust. This is the most common scale for children’s dolls houses and our Le Toy Van and Hape houses and furniture are designed according to this size. We offer doll clothes patterns for 18 inch dolls like American Girl Dolls , Madame Alexander Dolls, Journey Girls Dolls, Our Generation Dolls, and Springfield Dolls. Lori’s Doll World – A fantastic site for all IT dolls released, complete with Item Numbers. So, a real life 12-foot item would be only 24 Inches tall in 1:6 scale 1 Inch (1:12) - 1/12 - Real Scale (RS) | Pixie Faire, Image result for measurements carpatina slim doll. Once you've found the doll in the list below that has a foot measurement closest to your doll, you can click the link to browse and buy doll shoes and socks for your doll. Don't mix the two systems, you'll get a wrong result. Joe dolls. Bitty Bethany, Helen Kish Dolls, Chrysalis, Dianna Effner Dolls and More! All charts are in inches. 1:16 Scale. Desperately Seeking Dolls – Another great doll blog that helped me confirm and clarify a lot of information. Luckily you’re not here to hear the swearing! A disturbing chart that converts the doll's body scale into a real-life human being's reveals the outrageous proportions that transforms her into something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Fashion Doll Chronicles – A great doll blog beyond Integrity Toys that gave me lots of information on Convention Dolls. Shirley Temple 12 Inch Doll Measurements from Ideal 1982 Shirley Temple 12 Inch Doll by Ideal 1982. What miniature doll house dolls do you need for your collection? Our Standard Doll Sizes Here are our standard doll types and below each doll is a list of other popular dolls that these clothes will fit. 16d. This way, you don’t need to own a particular doll to design an outfit. 12 Inch (30cm) Small Baby Dolls 16c. Measurement Charts for Dolls; Sponsored Links. Length, Clothing size and approximate weights!! www.pearltrees.com/moonlily/doll-measurements-comparisons/id10067960 We also offer doll clothes patterns for 18 inch BFC, Ink. Parabox/Obitsu has some adolescent dolls in this size, as well as extensive measurements of all their dolls available on their website, so I was able to put together this chart by scaling my DDP picture in with the Obitsu dolls and filling in the measurements: (if you can't read the chart, a big version is available on the size charts page) Take the dolls head and measure the eye opening from size to size (corner of the eye near the nose, out toward the ear) once you have gotten that measurement it … Does your doll match one of our standard sizes? Doll Clothes Patterns Doll Sizing. Link to Comparison: For heights in centimeters, set Feet to 0 and Inches to the measurement in centimeters. ‘Uncle’ dolls are the largest dolls around there. 1″ scale: It can be written as 1:12 inch scale, (1/12 Scale) also referred to as full scale, one-inch scale (or 1" scale), means 1 inch = 1 foot. BJD Size Comparison. Measurement sheet for 14.5 WW, 16 AGAT, 14" HFHG. To do this you need a measurement tool either a ruler, measuring tape, micrometer. These dolls range from 36 cm – 49 cm (14” – 19.5”) in height.

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