lincoln cent penny errors list

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January 13, 2017

2006-P Double Die Obverse 2009 Look for doubling of the thumb Dusty Lincoln Cents (copper)(1909-1982).50 -$2. Only one die usually makes all the transitional coin errors. Buy & Sell. In simple terms, a variety is created before any coins are struck. Grease filled dies or low pressure strikes? This link will take you to a list of valuable Lincoln Cents with wheat stalks on the reverse dated 1909-1958. In my opinion the Wexler/Allen Top 100 list is the best of … Collector’s Checklist for Lincoln Cents Memorial and Later Reverse (1959-Date) Coin Grade Price Purchase Date Coin Grade Price Purchase Date Liberty Coin Service 1959 1959-D 1960, Large Date 1960, Small Date 1960-D, Large Date 1960-D, Small Date 1961 1961-D 1962 1962-D 1963 The endless list of filled die errors. If you want to learn more about the Lincoln Cent or other rare and collectible cents, be sure to read our Ultimate Guide to Pennies. Rare Pennies - Lincoln Memorial Reverse. Transitional errors happen when a coin is struck on a planchet meant for the previous year of a different composition or when a coin is struck with dies meant for a different year. Our most valuable pennies list includes coins starting in 1856 up to the present (2021) - including rare penny errors and rare varieties that could still actually be found in pocket change. 2003-P May be doubling of the steps, experts say “yes”, mint says “no”. Example: A 1859 obverse die with a 1860 reverse die on a cent. $5 – $20. Coin Value Price Chart for Lincoln Wheat Cent 1C. This link will take you to a list that includes all other one cent coins dated 1793-1909. They could be made from business strike dies or proof style dies. Coins for sale for Lincoln Wheat Cent type items. The most famous example of this might be the 1943 Lincoln cent struck on a Copper planchet. Lincoln Cents (zinc) (1982- ).50 -$2. The image above (submitted by Sandy Peters) is a 1927-D cent missing the AM from AMERICA. 2000-P Wide AM in America. Transitional Errors. $10 – $30. UFO; Does This 2014 Lincoln Memorial Cent Have A Real Double Die Obverse; Help Grade This Toned 1916 50 Cent Coin; 1967 Lincoln Memorial Cent. This list and the prices are current as of 2021 . Lincoln Penny Overdates: Errors like the last two shown above can be confusing at times. Transition Die Coins are by far the rarest coins on this list. To see valuable pennies of the Large Cent and early small cent types, click here. How much Lincoln Wheat Cent are worth. Lookup Coin values for Good, Very Good, Fine, Very Fine, Brilliant Uncirculated & Proof conditions and MS grade. Photo By Heritage Auction Galleries 1998-P Wide AM reverse Lincoln Memorial Cent. Coin: Die break: Cud: Indian Cent (1859-1909) $1 – $5. An explanation of the difference between errors and varities. What is the difference between an "error" and a "variety"? For this reason not very many coins were made in comparison to the Wrong Die Coins. 1984 Lincoln Memorial Cent. If you have a coin you want included on this page, use the contact us form. 1999-P Wide AM reverse Lincoln Memorial Cent. Top 100 Lincoln Cent RPMs are according to those originally listed in the Wexler/Allen Book, The Complete Price Guide and Cross-Reference to Lincoln Cents Mintmark Varieties, unless otherwise noted. History of the 1971 D Lincoln Memorial Penny Although not that much different from prior Lincoln Memorial pennies, the 1971 D penny does have some interesting characteristics compared to other dates in the series. 1999-P There may be double dies varieties.

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